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Can Lori Parrish spell whoops?

Broward Property Appraiser Lori  Parrish's office made a bold statement in a recent newsletter about a development project Parrish is fighting.

Parrish has been one of the most outspoken opponents of the proposed Davie Commons, a 150-acre retail, office and hotel development slated to be built near her home.

A recent newsletter sent to about 400,000 Broward homesteaded taxpayers from her office has a coded message about the project. In an article on the front page of the newsletter about aerial photography, some letters are in bold.  Put them together and they spell "Stop Davie Commons.''

Parrish said she didn't notice the encoded message when she proofed the newsletter and has disciplined the staffer who did it.

"It was a childish prank that was well intentionned,'' she said. "It was supposed to be an inside joke by staff in the office. I accept full responsibility because I approved the final draft of the newsletter. ... It will never happen again.''

The developers are ticked off.

"I'm very very disappointed to see something like this come out of her office,'' said Jodie Siegel, an attorney for Turnberry Associates. "I think that Turnberry will evaluate its options.''


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This is actually pretty funny when you think about it. In these days of so much bad economic and Middle East news, its nice to read something like this that made me chuckle.

A well-intentioned childish prank?

It is obvious from Lori's comments in this article that she seems to condone what her employee did by saying the "prank" was "well-intentioned" and an "inside joke." PITIFUL!!! Lori should be ashamed of herself. It just goes to show that she is using Broward County taxpayer money to educate her employees about her own personal agenda. In case you are wondering Lori,this is not legal or ethical. I guess it does not matter to Lori since she obviously threw out ethics a long time ago. Maybe now she should be thrown out along with her lack of ethics......


Putting a message pushing a personal cause in a document that tax payers pay for is absolutely a theft of money for personal gain. Lori Parrish and her "staffer" need to pay a price for this - and it should be a big one. She has been given power because she convinced us she was worthy of it - now she has proven that she is not. Something has to be done about this asap.


Another politician misusing our money and trust. Where is the US Attorney who just indicted M. McCarty in Palm Beach a few days ago??? I think he has a more serious case on his hands here.

concerned resident

Lori Parrish disgusts me as a person and as a public official. She is playing childish games with tax payers' dollars. This whole thing sounds illegal. I hope Lori Parrish is held accountable for her actions. I knew politicians got into politics for alterior motives such as business, but this is rediculous. I hope Lori Parrish gets indicted.

Politically Incorrect and just Wrong

This is not politcally correct nor is it acceptable. It is no joke or laughing matter at all. Stealing money from the public is never a good thing; which is why so many people who hold public office are placed in jail. What is the difference is between stealing money from the public and using money entrusted to you by the public to enforce your own personal agenda? Ms. Parrish, you claim that your employees did this as a joke, which raises a question in my mind. Why are your employees carrying out your personal agenda. Are you bringing your personal agenda into your office while you are supposed to be working on behalf of us, Broward County residents? Are you using public money to influence your employees? Regardless, all of this is illegal and I hope that higher up officials get involved. I am unsure if they read this blog, but right now I truly hope that they do. This just is not right and I as a taxpayer want my money back!

Someone pls pay attn

I cannot believe that neither the state attorney nor US Attorney have gotten involved yet. There are numerous situations where politicians are forced to resign over minimal things. The Property Appraiser uses our money and is getting only one small blog about this. It is pitiful. As you can see from so many articles and above comments, Mary McCarty resinged a couple of days ago and plead guilty to a “federal charge of honest-services fraud.” She at least took responsibility for her actions! I think Alex Acosta should without a doubt be called upon to review this case. If ever there was a case that should be looked into it - it is this one! Alex, where are you?


Good for Lori, even though this would bring tax dollars in to Broward, we have an over abundance of projects that are already failing, tenants can not pay their rent abd stores are closing nationwide. Today Circuit City is closing all of their stores. Lets keep that land open with cows on it for now. Lets let those Indian Burial grounds stay untouched for now. Lets let the rare gopher tortoises live.

Weston does not need the extra traffic or competition form a mega mall projects that will be larger than the Aventura Mall in square footage. If you live in Weston this will hurt your fellow Mom and Pop tenants.


they need to get a grip and stop being so childish.

Fed Up WIth Lori!!!!!

Lori is completely useless as a Property Appraiser and I can't believe she has managed to buy... I mean win another term. NEXT TIME WE NEED TO VOTE HER OUT!!!!!!

We Want The Commons

The people of west broward need a place like The Commons to enjoy nice shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. We currntly have to travel too far to enjoy such things.

Concerned Lifelong Broward resident

Oh well, another personal vendetta, another day...same old small town petty politics... This misuse is not just unintentional. I bet this politician (Parrish) said "Bad employee, bad!" ... with a big "Wink". Who cares about a misuse of tax dollars when there is such unemployment and so many foreclosures? This is so typical and I'd bet a cowpie there will no punishment. If the "Commons" folks had done something like this, there would have already been a lawsuit filed by Weston and or Parrish and her lackies. I guess there are some people above the law.

Ken Loomis

I hope Lori Parrish can appraise our properties better than she can proof read a
mail out...She like everyone else will be shopping there too......

Lori Parrish needs to be ousted

I guess that nobody finds what Lori Parrish did to be appalling enough to file a complaint with the State Attorney's office, to write to the governor, to file an Ethics complaint and/or to do what it takes to see to it that she gets punished for stealing money from the Broward County taxpayers. What is it going to take for Lori Parrish to be dethroned? I guess we have to wait and see if someone is brave enough to step up!!

This is pathetic

Parrish has bullied politicians, threatened people with thier jobs and used scare tactics for years and succeeded. Why would anyone think she can't just keep up the trend? Gov. Crist..where are you when we need you to stop this bullcrud? You need to stop her unethical tactics. NOW!


Apologies aren't enough. There's a simple solution. Lori can write a check, reimbursing the taxpayers for the cost of printing and mailing that "unintentional" message.

God Has a Sense of Humor

You betcha Lori will be shopping there too.- Yeah! for adding more jobs to our failing economy. Lori Parrish are you still drinking the same Kool-Aid as your fellow people-loving Democrat Rod Blagojevich. You really don't want to spend much time away from your Davie home attending possum festivals and tending to real US senate business - because under your own rules you'd LOSE your Homestead exemption - period. We the People can do without your loving - period. After all, it is Lori Parrish and her cronies who have stolen, bullied, driven to suicide, advocated arresting and jailing Broward homeowners for the past 4 years via unfair inflated/bloated home assessments/values. Karma is like a woman scorned...remember God has a sense of humor! Keep up mis-using taxpayer funds for your "innocent mistakes" you and your lackey Ron Gunzburger who will be such an upstanding ethical circuit court judge - say Not!. We'll soon see how well that behavior works for ya!

Lori Parrish you betta get out your check book and reimburse taxpayers the cost of printing and mailing out your personal vendetta!!!

Yes, this-for-people-Parrish deemed me a "part time FL resident" - yet I have a FL DL & FL voter's registration only - just because SHE and her greedy minions wanted to squeeze out of me an additional $4K a year in property taxes. The short-sighted morons didn't see this was a flawed economic policy - because all "part-timers", snow-birds, "rich" second homeowners were carrying the State of Florida on their backs, for the past 4 years. Now, we have simply foreclosed on our properties, moved to other states, bought our second homes elsewhere, "snowbirded" in nicer/kinder warm states and cut off the pariah Parrish gravy train. So, guess what? the full-time FL residents will now have to finally pay their fair share of property taxes. For all FL residents wanting us "snow-birds/part time residents" gone - be careful what you wish for! As Piggy Parrish and her greedy minions will simply re-distribute their lala-land property assessments to those who remain.

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