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Ginny Brown-Waite denounces "massive pork-laden spending bill"

Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite will miss voting on today's economic stimulus bill because of a family emergency. But that hasn't stopped the Brooksville Republican from issuing a scathing release on the proposal.

“There is no doubt that our economy needs a kickstart to put us back on the path to prosperity,” she said. "What we do not need, however, is yet another pork ridden bailout that produces few jobs, sends billions of your money to corrupt organizations like ACORN, and does nothing to put money back in the hands of American taxpayers."

She says the best way to kickstart the economy would be to cut personal taxes, "reduce the corporate tax rate, and better fund organizations like the Small Business Administration and the Federal Housing Administration."

"American’s strength is based on the hard work and ingenuity of its citizens, not throwing taxpayer funds into yet another bureaucratic black hole. A real stimulus package should return tax dollars back to the people that paid them, provide real incentives for American businesses to hire new employees, and help people stay in their homes. The bill before the House today does none of this; instead it focuses on make-work government projects and pet projects of the liberal left.

And she maintains that “when Democrat leaders drafted this bill they chose to give Florida the absolute
fewest dollars per capita of any state and the second fewest dollars per capita for transportation of any state. If my constituents are forced to accept a bill that puts their children and grandchildren another trillion dollars in debt, they should at least get something out of this bargain with the devil. Instead they get shortchanged and still get stuck with the bill. That is not fair but is what we have come to expect from this Democrat leadership.”


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Brown-Waite should get over herself and stop attacking good organizations like ACORN. And what is her problem with creating jobs? Tax cuts for the rich don't solve everything.

Miguel Esteban

If the government would automatically register it's citizens to vote when they become of age, & was willing to hold financial institutions accountable for worshiping windfall profits over market sustainability, & would actually listen to we the people without making us have to shout at the top of our lungs, then grassroots activist organizations such as ACORN would cease to exist. Ask yourself: Who works harder to make our country a better place to live? Not-for-profit "community organizers", or, the "financial gurus" who got us into this mess?


Acorn should be abolished and any organization that has that kind of activity, i dont care if its left or right, tax $$ should not support coruption.Why does Acorn exist anyway?
ACORN brought on the housing bust by pushing congress to give mortgages to people they could not afford to pay, now WE ALL ARE PAYING THE PRICE,.
Under Bush we did not have 14% unemployment and 3.5 trilliosn $$ debt.With a projected debt of $14trillion.
What we need is tax cuts and people back to work.
What BHO is doing has been done before in Japan and Europe, it has NOT worked.A true leader leads by example, and not pointing fingers and make excuses,the honey moon is over mr president, do what is right for America and not for your Chicago budddies.
May god help us.

Steel Johnson

Good organization's like ACORN???? Your not from this planet are you Mrs. Klas? I seriously recomend you have your head examined!

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