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Greer's guy wins RNC chair

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer picked a winner. Former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele has been elected chairman of the Republican National Committee,

Steele will be the first black GOP chairman. Greer has been campaigning for him for weeks.

"We need a national chairman who can have a credible discussion with the American voter, excite and motivate the grassroots volunteers, promote diversity within our party and look to the future, not to the past,'' Greer said when he seconded Steele's nomination.


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moral person

More racial double standard from Beth Reinhard? National figure Michael Steele is now simply "Greer's Guy." Compare that to her fawning review of Chairman Tim Kaine.

Last week she compared all blacks to a street vagrant she saw in DC and trashed one of only two African-American candidates for Florida's US Senate because she doesn't like his party.

Does the Herald wish for THIS to be their legacy?


Billie, Iam so proud of you, I was so excited when I koelod you up and found your blog, I thought your Easter Chicken poem was Great!!! I was going to call you but it was to late. I will call you in the afternoon tomarrow take care. Aloha Carin

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