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Meek raises 300K for Senate run

Former President Bill Clinton flew to Miami all the way from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland for U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek's first fundraiser for his U.S. Senate campaign. Chris Korge, who hosted the event at his home in Pinecrest, said Clinton helped bring in $300,000.  

"He rarely gets involved in (Democratic) primaries,''  said Korge, who has hosted the Clintons many times. "He has really gotten to know Kendrick personally, and he thinks he would be a great senator.''

Korge added that Meek is hoping to post a big fundraising number for the first three months of the year.

"If Kendrick can raise seven figures the first quarter when the economy is in shambles -- that would be a huge feat in this economy,'' Korge said. "Having Bill Clinton willing to do these things for him is going to make it possible for Kendrick to raise significant money outside of Florida."


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Stanley I. Langbein

Bill Clinton and Kendrick Meek engaged in unforgivable conduct, to say nothing of Chris Korge. The Hatch Act forbids this activity to a member of the Cabinet, even in general elections. As a matter of repose, the spouse of a member of the Cabinet should refrain from it as well, especially in a primary. Mr. Meek is being reward for his support of Hillary Clinton, registered at a time when Mr. Meek thought an African American candidate could not win the Presidency. But where is "President" Obama? He should be in a position to stop this sort of thing, and should do so.

UM Law Graduate

I find it interesting that Stanley Langbein would advise anyone on ethics. I was one of the unfortunate suckers who took his classes at UM Law School. He is the most disorganized, rude, unprofessional and classless individual I have ever encountered. He has no idea what he is going, comes to class intoxicated more than not and speaks virtues of others. Bill Clinton is doing what is right---helping a friend--something Stanley I. Langbein would never do.

Let's all work to make Kendrick Meek the next senator from Florida and hopefully Langbein will take a clue from his buddy and other clueless wonder, Clark Freshman and leave UM.....

Zen Master

Having Meeks in the Senate may cause me to watch C-Span more. The man can give a speach.


That is a lot of money for a race this early. Whoever else is getting in this race should be paying attention because competing with Kendrick's fundraising numbers will be impossible considering he has the Democrats biggest surrogate already showing up for him. I don't know how anybody else can compete with this. If Kendrick has 1 mil in the bank as of the end of the quarter I think you can write off Gelber, who as far as I can tell thinks he's going to raise all his money on-line, like he's Barack Obama. Bad strategy Dan...if you have any hope you're going to need to work the phones extra hard bc Kendrick is wrapping up all your money in Dade County, so where are you going to get yours?


As long as the beneficiary of the beneficiaries goes along with the 'globalist' plans' as outlined by the CFR, he will live for sure and probably be rewarded in other manner on the outside of that benefit. Folks: Don't limit yourself to local, but see the big picture for it cometh first.

Left-Right Paradigm is defined as 'there's nothing dis-similar about the ultimate goals of those behind the curtain. When you figure it out, you can better game plan your life. If you don't you are complicit in the demise of the USA. And Ye who laugh at this--just go tune in the game and make popcorn for you're worthless anyway. Worthless to the overall knowledge and complicit because you've been warned.


Congrats Kendrick. I do believe you are the only Democrat in this race. Period. The others may want to think they are, but they cannot raise the funds you can.

Congratulations, and please, lend a hand to FairDistrictsFlorida.org and Florida state candidates.

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