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Protesting the president?

Work boots, slippers, sneakers and sandals -- thousands of them -- littered both lanes of the Palmetto Expressway near Miller Drive Friday causing long traffic delays and a two-hour clean-up.

The shoes mysteriously appeared just before 8 a.m. on the southbound lanes of the Palmetto between the Bird Road and Miller Drive.

No word on why.

But shoe protests have been gaining in popularity: anti-war protestors last month tossed shoes at a mockup of President Bush outside the White House -- days after an Iraqi journalist shucked a pair of size 10s at Bush.


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Sophomoric acts! In a few years these same people will be back crying for their rights to be restored after Obama puts America under locks and chains. First, he removes the right to bear arms, then free speech. Hold on Amercia.. Change is a coming!


Bernie - you have drank entirely too much koolaid. You really need to research the facts before spitting out the "talking points" of the radical, scared-to-death rightwing.

I look forward to no more "free speech zones" and a competent, intelligent Commander in Chief. One that does not rely on his "gut feelings" when he's so wrong on every subject.

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