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A bad night for Jindal is a good night for Crist

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is only 37 years old and in his first term, and it showed last night in his goofy, unpersuasive delivery of the Republican response to President Barack Obama's speech.

Granted, it was a tough pitch to make, coming right after the first joint address to Congress by a history-making president who gave a well-received speech. Jindal didn't seem to know what tone to take and looked nervous and immature. His speech was panned by Democrats and Republicans alike.

That's cause for smirking for supporters of Gov. Charlie Crist, who is at odds with Jindal on Obama's economic stimulus plan and could compete against him in the 2012 presidential primary.


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Crist is a republican in name only


Crist is a republican in name only

good - he may actually have a chance at winning


Now to those of us who listened to what he said, he's a hero. He said the right things and made the right arguments. Style" that's not hard to learn. If Charlie did it...


Crist may be a RINO, but he will be a US Senator and he will be the Republican nominee for President in either 2012 or 2016. You may not like it, but that's how it will play out. And don't tell me he can't succeed without the support of the base. Go ahead and ask Tom Gallagher how helpful they were.

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