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College student Julio Osegueda enjoys time with Obama

Edison State College communications major Osegueda said he was surprised to be called on by the president -- he was the last person to ask Obama a question in Fort Myers on Tuesday.

"I was just seeing no one else was doing anything to get his attention, so that's when I started jumping up and down and he picked me," said Osegueda, of Cape Coral.

Osegueda asked the prez a question in a booming broadcast voice about his employment benefits -- he's been working at McDonald's four and a half years and hasn't seen his benefits improve. Afterward, the student said he likes his job but is eager to graduate and move on to a media job.

"Right now I work everything, cash register, grill, drive-thru," he said, adding, "Drive-thru's my favorite because I get to interview the people on the intercom and talk to them.

"Like, if someone orders an iced tea, I might say, 'You mean you want a large, ice-cold, tasty, refreshing beverage?' "


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All these people have lost their minds. Change You Can Believe In I can't believe there are so many brain dead fools in Florida.


I love you Julio Osegueda!


Would you like fries with the crap sandwich you were just served by Obama?


Fred, I pity you for harboring so much bitterness. Don't denigrate your fellow Americans, for God's sake!


Would you like fries with the craptastic sandwich you were served by Obama?


What a flippin' idiot.

Dave Q.

Do they not drug test at McDonald's?

Dave Q.

Do they not drug test at McDonald's?

Get the facts Right

Why don't people ask him why it's fair to give those who screwed up money when capitalism says they should get nothing? Oh, that's right! I forgot, it's emperor obama, the man who can't be asked difficult questions. Right nbc!?!


I am embarrassed to be of the same ethnic group as this moron.

Carlos in DC

I applaud Julio's enthusiasm and passion for what he beliefs. He seems very emotional, nothing wrong with that.

@ Javamartini: are you white like Julio is? You know that a surname doesn't define a race right.


You gotta love this guy!!!


Okay, so this Julio guy is complaining that he's been working part-time at McDonald's for four years because he couldn't get any other work?
Hmmm...let's think about this.

If Julio is 19, then that means he's been working part-time for four years, meaning he started when he was 15, which would put him in high school, and I don't know many high school students who work full-time. I also don't know many college students who work full-time while going to college--I didn't.

Is Julio complaining that part-time workers should get the same benefits as full-time workers? Or that unskilled workers (such as high school and college students) should get the same benefits as people who have college degrees and more experience?

Oh, wait, I forgot, this is Obamaland now, and no matter who you are or how much you work, you get the same amount of money and benefits as everyone else.

Can you say SOCIALISM?


Our Constitution guarantees us life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Julio enjoys life and liberty - he should PURSUE a better job:
1. Continue with his college education
2. Aquire a trade or a skill and find another job
The US does NOT have to guarantee anyone the job or the benefits they want.

I won't assume anything but I'd love to ask Julio if he has a car/bicycle/cell phone/tv/etc. Furthermore, it is not the responsibility of the President of the US to personally arrange for this guys job any more than it is to personally arrange for the other lady who spoke up, to get a kitchen.

Be careful America! We have never succumbed to the "cult of the man" - we seem to be headed in that direction now!


You may think that some of the participants in this town hall were a bit off, but at least they didn't have to sign a loyalty oath on the way in as it was in the previous administration. At least Obama TAKES difficult questions, rather than screening them out altogether

captain cucamonga

To bad he wants to run the economy into the ground so the government can own everything and herd us like cattle and lump us in with all the other countries so we in actuality have lost our true freedom that was once a happy America.


Seriously? Everything Obama does is scripted, have you ever heard an unscripted answer? Most of the questions he takes are hand picked. And why would he still be campaigning if he already won the Presidency? Oh that's right, to convince the American People that his way is THE WAY, the socialist way that is.


I'm glad to see so many people here see thru BHO. It's sad that more than 50% of the population didn't have a clue. By the way, the media was so into digging into the background of people like Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin's daughter. Is anyone going to pry into the background of Julio? Of course not & they shouldn't, just like they shouldn't have with them. By the way, I hope that every productive individual realizes that all this new "hope and change" is going to leave you with is empty pockets (trickle up poverty & increased dependency on entitlements). So much for the American dream, unless of course your dream is to mooch off of everyone else! Apparently BHO fans either believe that money grows on trees or that businesses have large bins of money hidden in their back rooms. Just watch how much unemployment continues to climb with so many unfriendly business policies on the table.


This guy is one big idiot and just another moron who thinks everything should be handed success to him instead of working for it. The media that has refused to do their jobs has created this stupid idea that obama walks on water and will just give everybody something so you dont have to work to hard. As a hispanic woman who has worked hard this is simply a slap in the face for those who control their own destiny and are grown up enough who knows goverment doesnt run your life.


You got to love this guy. Someones gonna give him a house and a jay leno interview. Close mouth doesn't get fed, so he fed himself.


Patricia is a dope. You wish you weree spoken to. Now your pissy that you got your unemployment check. Speak up woman. Tomleykis.com


Chris: You didn't address my points. Can you disprove that the former president screened his crowds? Or that he and his vice-president never had protesters removed from their "town meetings"? Also, please provide evidence to convince me that Obama intends to lead us into socialism.

And by the way, you may think it's scripted because he uses complete sentences and big words, unlike our former president. I would understand the confusion.



If you really are a fiscal conservative, does that mean that you approve of the runaway deficit spending of the past eight years? Or that bank CEOs can "earn" six-figure bonuses by running their companies into the ground, all while they kick people out of their houses?

This current economic crisis has been a long time coming. It's fact that lack of government oversight that has allowed this to happen. Glad to see you're doing ok personally in spite of all the financial carnage around you.


Funny how it is totally O.K. for the government to take tax payer money to waste on whatever they want. Besides, it was the democrats who were pushing for banks to give risky loans because they believe everyone has a right to home ownership, even if they are not responsible. Also, my husband is our only source of income because I am actually taking the time out to raise decent children, but we planned for emergencies, so are prepared for this situation and will not depend on the government to get us through this tough time. I'm not asking for a new kitchen.

julio osegueda

What a moron


julio doesnt have another job because he has no skills lol... SAVE up your mickie d money and BUY your turntables or whatnot for your DJness


To analyze why Julio hasn't had another job in over four years is not difficult for most to see. Not a whole lot of people want to employ people like him. Let's just start with the boisterous personna. Then let's move on to someone that thinks government is the solution to his predicament. And finally, let's top that off with, as others in this comment section have written, Julio's apparent sense of entitlement.

The correct answer, BHO, is that benefits that a private company like McDonald's gives to its employees are none of government's business, and if you want your constituent Julio to have better benefits, you lead Congress into passing laws that you sign that make a better business environment, such as lowering their taxes so that they can spend more on employees. Of course, this must also be coupled with reduction of spending, or it all falls flat on its face. I'll claim stuff like handouts to banks and auto makers comes first; this is in theory a capitalist country we have, so if they're failing, let them fail and take the consequences.

@Fred/mannyg: It's not so much them losing their minds as their inabilities to think of the bigger picture, and perhaps the failing of their school system to teach them about our country's history properly, so that they realize the government intervention in Julio's benefits package is contrary to our country's founding principles. Those that should be denigrated might be debated, but if you cannot agree, mannyg, that some deserve denigration, then you have no values at all, as in essence, anything goes. I happen to side w/ Fred on this one, as they've lost their minds, or at least their ability to think critically.

Yes, I can say "socialism." The only proof I need on that one was BHO's comment to "Joe The Plumber" about "sharing the wealth."

Do I believe this was arranged and scripted? To a large extent, yes. Did he take questions where previous Presidents may have not? Yes, but IU thought the answers were not substatial, especially the Julio one.

John: sorry, you missed that one by a hair: it's the Declaration of Independence which put forth life, liberty, and pusuit of happiness (originally property). The rest still stands, though; it's up to Julio to pursue a better life, and up to the government (through protection of liberty) to merely act as an agent ONLY to assist him, not hand it to him.

Dwight: that you have to think that someone who says they've worked hard, and doesn't want the fruits of that labor forcibly extracted from her (taxed) to support a Froot Loop like Julio, I feel sorry for you. It's not sour grapes at all; it's simply wanting government as much as practical out of our lives.

"Lack of government oversight" should really read "lack of government discipline not to manage businesses and spend within its means."

The reason I am libertarian is very simple. I believe I am an upright and agreeable man, willing to get along with my neighbors by SOME (but not total) compromise. Therefore, I don't need a governemnt to control my life. The more you let goverment directly or indirectly control your life, the less freedom you will have. One need not look any further than the AIG mess to see how much government seems it wishes to control us. Some in Congress wanted to tax the bonuses paid out so that the recipients had nothing left. Now, it was a horrendous PR move to pay them in the first place, but under the auspices of spending taxpayers' money wisely, government sought to control completely how the faltering AIG operated.


And Julio, no, I don't mean that, I mean I specifically want iced tea, not some abstract cold, refreshing beverage. There's no real need to embellish that; I already told you what I want. This is likely the crux of why you're still at McDonald's.

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