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Crist 'impressed' with Obama's speech

No wonder the Republican party didn't pick Gov. Charlie Crist to give the counterpoint to President Barack Obama's speech to Congress last night. "I thought the president did a great job,'' Crist said in Miami before his seventh visit in recent weeks to an unemployment agency. "I enjoyed the speech."

Asked to comment on the remarks made by the guy who was picked, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who opposes the president's economic recovery plan, Crist said, "I think it's important that you realize we're not a monolithic party....I know it's right for Florida. That's why I support it."

He added: "I think the Florida way is a good model for the country. A lot of Democrats, Republicans and independents want to give this administration the best shot to succeed, and certainly that's where my heart is.''

As for the president's plan to help homeowners avoid foreclosure, Crist said, "It's a good first step....what I want to make sure is that it takes care of people who deserve to be taken care of, and I think that's the president's intent."

One more thing: The Obama administration isn't ready to move on a national catastrophic insurance fund, which Crist wants in the event of a devastating hurricane. Crist said, "I talked to (Treasury) Secretary Geithner about whether they could help us with the insurance issue as a backup, and it looks like there's a possibility for that...We remain hopeful there but no conclusions yet."


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The fact that Obama's plan does NOTHING for homeowners who are upside down goes right over Charlie's head. Figures, for a guy who doesn't even own property himself.

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