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Fidel Castro takes on Rahm Emanuel

The Cuban leader in his latest Granma column considers President Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, suggesting that neither he nor Obama "or any of the other brilliant politicians and economists that he has gathered together can solve the growing problems of the capitalist North American society."

"WHAT a strange surname!" the article titled, Rahm Emanuel, says. "It appears Spanish, easy to pronounce, but it’s not. Never in my life have I heard or read about any student or compatriot with that name, among tens of thousands.

"Where does it come from? I wondered. Over and over, the name came to mind of the brilliant German thinker, Immanuel Kant, who together with Aristotle and Plato, formed a trio of philosophers that have most influenced human thinking. Doubtless he was not very far, as I discovered later, from the philosophy of the man closest to the current president of the United States, Barack Obama.

"Another recent possibility led me to reflect on the strange surname, the book of Germán Sánchez, the Cuban ambassador in Bolivarian Venezuela: The transparence of Enmanuel, this time without the “I” with which the German philosopher’s name begins.