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Fort Lauderdale candidate says opponent is a fraidy cat

Fort Lauderdale City Commission candidate Pamela Adams is ticked off by what she says is a lack of participation by her opponent in voter forums since the primary.

Adams says that Bobby DuBose was a no-show at a business forum this morning. And she says she received an email today from Broward Votes -- a group comprised of several minority organizations -- that it was cancelling a debate because DuBose couldn't commit to a time.

DuBose will attend a forum sponsored by the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations at City Hall at 7 p.m. Thursday. Adams says she is skipping that forum to attend a homeowners association meeting in her district.

"I need to be where the voters are,'' she said.

Adams needs the forums to get her message across. She jumped into the race much later than DuBose, has slightly less money and fewer endorsements from elected officials. But Adams, the candidate with a master's degree, says she's the better public speaker and it's time for DuBose to show up.

"It's a shame that any candidate would not want to be heard by people on what his position on the issues confronting the district are,'' she said. "I think that he doesn't want to be held accountable for his lack of experience and inability to deal with the serious issues that are confronting the district and the city. That may sound harsh but that's what I think.''

DuBose said he participated in forums just weeks ago before the Feb. 10 primary.

"My opponent is criticizing me,'' he said, with a dollop of sarcasm. "Wow. That's a surprise.''



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Local Resident

It is interesting that someone that got into the race late would make such a statement. I have seen DuBose at at least 15 forums in the District and more in other places in the city and wonder if Ms. Adams was at a different place or hadn't started to run.

Isn't it interesting that she is complaining that he didn't attend a forum yesterday in the business district of Las Olas yet she isn't going to attend one today sponsored by the neighborhoods of the city? Now who is the scairdy cat?

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