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GOP senator in hot seat heading to FL

Arlen Specter was one of only three Republican senators who voted for the economic stimulus plan -- and the only one up for re-election in 2010. "It's a good plan -- not a perfect plan -- but a good plan, and I'll take my chances," Specter said on CNN.

That doesn't mean he's sitting back, while the conservative National Republican Trust PAC threatens to back a primary opponent. Continuing the tradition of out-of-town politicians heading to donor-rich Florida, Specter is slated to attend a "cigar and cocktail reception" Friday at the Miami Beach home of GOP consultant Roger Stone.

Co-hosts include Broward Republican Chairman Chip LaMarca, lobbyist and former U.S. Rep. Larry Smith (isn't he a Democrat?), and attorneys Hugo ArzaScott Rothstein, Stuart Rosenfeldt, and William Rubin.


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Aren't his constituents lucky to have a politician that works for them rather then the "party"
My hat is off to this man!I'll send money to hold off the party,where do I send the check or do you take paypal?


great beth, so now you report on a report by another reporter...and you call yourself a reporter? please quit

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