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Gossip page alert: Jeb Bush hobnobs at dinner with Obama, Palin; Nelson watches Super Bowl with veep

Former Gov. Jeb Bush was among the glitterati Saturday at one of the nation's capital's most exclusive parties: the Alfalfa Club dinner.

All the festivities are highly secret, but the Washington Post reports that the "son and brother of presidents -- caught a club official handing a sheaf of papers to a reporter.

"Whatcha doing?" Bush asked. "Leaking?"  Also in attendance, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Read more here.

Sen. Bill Nelson will attend an exclusive party of his own tonight. He's among the House and Senate guests invited to watch the Super Bowl at the Naval Observatory with Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill.


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Palin and Jeb both rock. You go girl as the MSM and democrats are all afraid of you and what you represent and it shows big time.,


I live in Florida and I want to know if Jeb Bush
is still on the payroll here. Does he have some kind
of contract? My state senator Fasano will not tell me.
This is how the Florida "sunshine" laws work. If you want to know something that is happening in Florida
government. sit down and shut up.

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