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Greer walks a fine line

Here's yet another moment when the Republican governor's support for the Democratic president's economic stimulus plan puts the GOP in an awkward spot. How does the Republican Party of Florida respond to President Barack Obama's economy-focused address to a joint session of Congress?


Chairman Jim Greer says: "Republicans in Florida and across the nation have long stood for lower taxes on families and businesses and smarter government spending. We continue to support those principles.
However, the world's economy faces unprecedented challenges and we all agree that we cannot sit idly by and do nothing. We understand that our country must come together to get our economy back on track, help homeowners, and get Americans back to work, but we caution against burdening our children and grandchildren with an insurmountable debt..."

"The Republican Party of Florida has and will continue to fully support Governor Crist in his efforts to ensure that Florida receives its full share and is able to use any federal economic stimulus dollars coming to our state to benefit all Floridians. That is why it is time to put political rhetoric aside and get down to the business of helping Florida and her families and small businesses first. We need innovative, bold ideas NOT pork barrel spending. We look forward to hearing the details of the administration's plan and ensuring that is has mechanism for preventing irresponsible spending."


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Jim Grear doesn't walk any fine line he is totally in the tank for his suck up buddy Gov. Crist. Looks like they are both socialist liberal followers and certainly not leaders. As a result of all this sucking up by both, Grear's stock will rise and fall along with this left wing Governor.


I am angry and disappointed at the misinformation you are spreading via the media. If you love this country, you would try to "help" to make this a better place and not cause division. It smoke you sent up about President Obama's speech to school children was really uncalled for. After listening to his speech, I hope you are person enough to "eat your words". He was very inspiring to the youth and they should be proud to have him as the leader of the United States. If the last administration had done the SAME thing (made a speech), he too would have been applauded for such a noble deed... but he did not put education as a priority on his To Do List.

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