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Greer's credit card woes just won't go away

The Republican Reform Caucus, and its organizer John Bertran of Melbourne, struck out on naming its organization, but it hopes to have better luck when it sues Jim Greer.

The group was urged by the Republican Party of Florida to abandon the name because it's sounds too much like the Republican Party. Party lawyers ordered the group to stop. The group agreed, changed its name to the Florida Conservative Reform Caucus, and then hit the party with this little threat by its Fort Lauderdale attorney Micheal Becker:

"This law firm is preparing litigation in which donors to the Republican Party of Flroida will bring suit to demand a full accounting of RPOF's expenditures in 2008 based on evidence that Chairman Jim Greer has abused his authority and utilized party funds for personal use which is both inappropriate and illegal under Florida law.''

Bertran then notes that when a U.S. Attorney is appointed, they'll ask for an investigation. "They're concerned about Mr. Greer's expenditures. We want full disclosure,'' Becker said. . Download GOP cease desist ltr Response


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I hear so often conversations on conservative programs about how litigious this country is.
I know they refer to "trial lawyers" (private citizens lawyers)but here we go,one republican bunch of crooks suing another bunch of republican crooks.This is another public issue that will not be discussed on conservative programs.That is reserved for private citizens that are exercising their 7th amendment rights.
If you give money to a party with ethics issues like the current republican party does what do you expect?
BRING ETHICS BACK TO FLORIDA POLITICS,VOTE OUT REPUBLICANS! We are the laughing stock of the entire country and have been since 2000.

former republican

Wasn't greer the guy that stated "Republicans get up and go to work, Democrats get up and go down to the mailbox to get their checks."
I have no idea why this guy was allowed to be in charge of anything,unless what many say about our party is true,all it takes to be a "good" republican is just hate democrats.
That sort of limbaugh thinking is our undoing.
we need to be rid of any person like him,wait,I changed parties and he makes the other parties politicians look good so keep him,get more like him.It sells real well with the moral majority.

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