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'Mr. President, welcome to Fort Myers'

Introducing President Barack Obama, Gov. Charlie Crist endorsed a big government spending plan that most of his fellow Republicans in Washington have snubbed.

"We know it's important that we pass a stimulus package,'' he said. "It's important that we do so to help education, to help our infrastructure, and to help health care for those who need it the most."

"We need to do it in a bi-partisan way,'' he added. "This is not about partisan politics. This is about rising above that and helping our country and helping America and reigniting our economy."

Obama: "The thing about governors is they understand our economy is in crisis in a way people a little more removed don't understand. They're on the front lines dealing with the economy every single day".


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peeved voter

Good for charley,I have no idea why so many republicans have a problem with the stimulus package having money for so many states that are in serious financial shape.
Doesn't look like we can get our florida republican politicians from grabbing all the money they can from US while telling the rest of us all is well and will be better soon.
Charley didn't forget he still worked for us,not the state or national party.

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