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Nelson: Why I back the stimulus plan

Here's what Sen. Bill Nelson had to say about the economic stimulus plan he voted for and fellow Florida Sen. Mel Martinez voted against.

"I’ve been listening to the folks in Florida, where the economic pain has been especially acute, and where we’re second only to California in the number of home foreclosures.  The stimulus bill isn’t perfect, but the government has to do something to get us out of this economic tailspin – and, doing nothing wasn’t an option.

"Equally important in reviving the economy is what the secretary of the treasury announced today. He’s scrapping the old bailout plan. He is starting anew – and, coming out with all the controls so it is not wasted like last time. 

"In tandem - the stimulus spending to create jobs and the new bailout plan to address the credit problem - those two should jump-start the economy.”