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Publix lobbyist Randy Roberts has died

Bilde Randy Roberts, the affable lobbyist for Publix Super Markets, has died. He was 36.

The cause appears to be a heart attack, according to reports.

He joined Publix in 2003 and before that worked for Cingular Wireless in Atlanta, directing legislative and regulatory issues in six states and Washington, D.C. He was a graduate of the University of Florida and was a native Floridian.

Roberts and his wife had two children.

-- Alex Leary


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Brian May

Randy was an incredibly good and genuine person and a true gentleman. My heart goes out to his wife and family...

Ray Friedman

Randy was one of my best friends in High School. I never thought he would leave us so early. I am sorry we never had time to catch up Randy. God Bless you!


Judith Schvimmer

Randy was one of my closest friends in high school, and we were roommates at the University of Florida. He was a vibrant, larger-than-life person, and it's unthinkable that he is no longer with us. My heart goes out to his wife and children in this time of tremendous loss.

William Bradbury

That's way too young - here's a thought on death:

This physical life ends any way every time one of us dies. Millions will die and have died already for whatever reasons but thats the end of their life here on earth. Don’t know why everyone wants to live in fear of the end, live in the now of today. Awareness would be good but not fear. Fear immobilizes, awareness empowers so that you can make moves to do something about what it is you fear. Let go of fear. Shine the light on the darkness.

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