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White House finds sudden GOP support for stimulus $$ "amusing"

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said it's been "amusing this week to read the many press releases and Twitter comments on those that found the stimulus on C-SPAN during the vote something that they didn't necessarily think was a good idea, until it came time to break ground on projects in their home district."

(Like the 9 Florida Republicans who voted against the stim package but signed a letter asking the administration to make sure Florida gets all of its education dollars?)

Asked if indeed he was "talking about Republican lawmakers, specifically?" Gibbs replied, "Many of them, yes."

Asked whether President Barack Obama believes "there's some hypocrisy going on," Gibbs replied. "As I've said before, old habits are hard to break. And I think that the American people readily understand when -- when this town gets dominated by games-playing rather than problem-solving."