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Everyone knows Crist running for Senate, except Crist.

They all say the same thing: "Two months ago, I would have told you that there was no way Gov. Charlie Crist would give up his job for the back bench in the U.S. Senate. But now, I'd be surprised if he doesn't."

Welcome to the Tallahassee echo chamber. Is is true?

"Everyone does seem convinced,'' said George LeMieux, Crist's former chief of staff. "I talked to him this week and he hasn't made up his mind."


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Actually looks like LeMieux isn't right. Looks like Jim Greer outed Charlie as running for Senate today:



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Governor Crist should run for the Senate and should easily win any Senate race. Eventhough Governor Crist will crush former Speaker Rubio - Rubio needs to show he has gravitas and needs to stay in the race once Crist gets in. If Rubio switches to the Governor's race, then his political carreer is over. Any hope that Rubio may have to hold future political office depends on his consistency and his committment - which he will fail to show if he runs from the Senate race once Governor Crist enters the race.

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