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Mel Martinez offers Obama some praise

A bi-partisan group of senators said today they believe they've got their best shot ever at rolling back travel restrictions to Cuba -- noting they've got a friend in President Barack Obama.

But Mel Martinez, who opposes the bill, suggests the senators are getting ahead of Obama, who said during the presidential campaign he'd roll back family travel restrictions imposed in 2004. 

Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday the U.S. isn't prepared to scrap the embargo and Obama is widely expected to spell out his Cuba policy before next month's Summit of the Americas.

"I think it's appropriate that a president look at a longstanding historical foreign policy commitment of the United States...and not just simply dismantle everything that's being done," Martinez said. "I commend him for the slow and cautious approach they're taking."

Martinez has the support of his fellow Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, who opposes allowing unlimited travel to Cuba.