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Ron Book spends $1 mil on wedding of 'Daddy's princess'

1689_large ICYMI: The wedding of lobbyist extraordinaire Ron Book's daughter, Lauren, was featured on WEtv's Plantinum Weddings on March 8.

She married golfer Kris Lim on June 7, 2008 in front of 600 guests at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, according to the show. The episode was billed this way: "A half-million dollar budget gets blown out of the water when Daddy's Princess gets every wedding wish she ever desired." In fact, the final price tag came to $1,000,500. (Book, who has got one of the longest client lists in Tallahassee, has reported earning twice that in just six months.)

Click here to see photos, including one with this caption: "The custom crystal-draped centerpieces at 3 different heights throughout the room -- $56K. Custom butter creme paillette linen overlays will be specially flown in from India -- $9K."


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Holy Shiitakes

And to think Mr. Book refuses to help the homeless under the Tuttle bridge and using that money to treat his daughter like Paris Hilton. Maybe they should honeymoon under the Julia Tuttle Bridge to see firsthand what daddy does with money that is SUPPOSED to help them live humanely...

Citizens for Change, America

Download this PDF file, and learn about Ron Book.

Notice... He has not been banned from going within 2500 feet of Other People's Hard Earned Money... so he can manipulate the system.


Citizens for Change, America

Sorry use this link to download the PDF file.



His daughter was brutally abused by a sick pervert, and so he made perverts unwelcome in society. The homeless living under that bridge include SEVENTY CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS. We need to do the loving and correct thing given the terrible recidivism rate for sexual offenders: get them mental health treatment, castrate every last one of them and let them back into society under supervision.

patricia win


The truly dangerous make up between 1% and 5% of the total population (and growing) of people forced with the label and stigma of sex offender. Most do not deserve the label just as we are finding out, many who are in prisons for various offenses or non-offenses don't belong either. Our legislative and prosecutorial systems are corrupt to the hilt. People tend to deny this fact, but honestly we see the corruption every day of our lives. Judges have a few amongst them that are the worst of the worst and yet they keep sitting on the bench.

I did a study a few years back on the numbers of people stigmatized with the label of sex offender, and correlated the data from three years of data by the Justice Department, three different studies. The data showed remarkably that the vast majority of sex crimes against children and early teens was in fact familial and that holds true even to this day that anywhere from 85% to 90% of molestations were incest and similar extended family and friends contact.
The politicians they know the score, they know the facts because the facts have not changed, but courage amongst politicians is a rarity, something not often seen.

Remember the nude antics in Boulder, Co. where groups of people annually get naked and run down the streets? well some of those people have already be adjudicated where they plead guilty to a non sex offense charge, but they were originally charged with indecent exposure, should I say more - they now have to register as sex offenders, and the DA says others will be charged similarly and it will be their choice to either take a plea and become a sex offender or take their 50-50 chances in a court room in front of a jury and possibly go to prison. (FROM Bennie Walton,Colorado-RSOL) Colorado CURE
. For a large portion of my adult life I had been a weekend binge alcoholic. One day in 2002 on a Saturday I was at my binge drinking from the night before and still going at it (my wife was away out of state vacationing). I in my infinite wisdom decided that I wanted to be naked, so I got naked and went into my garage. The overhang door was open. In short order I was seen by some next door neighbors, about seven adults, and at the time I did not know children were around.

Long story short I was cited for indecent exposure, went to court plead guilty to a non sex offense charge, and wound up being labeled a registered sex offender because in Colorado there is the "Factual Basis Clause" in the criminal statutes that says, paraphrasing; If the original charge was a sex offense charge, which indecent exposure is, then regardless of the plea to a non sex offense charge a person is nevertheless classified as a sex offender, and may or may not have to register. I had to register for six years, which is up in October 14, 2010 unless Colorado makes its version of the Adam Walsh Act, and keeps the retroactive registration, then in that case I am screwed along with so many others. Bennie Walton, Co.


People on the registry(far too many innocent or not dangerous) have been murdered, committed suicide, had their homes set on fire, been evicted, lost their jobs,etc.etc. Stephen Marshall killed two men who were on the sex-offender registry in Maine. Immediately after, he took his own life. One of the men Marshall killed, Joseph Gray, was on the registry for raping a child. The other, William Elliott, was listed because he'd slept with his girlfriend before she turned 16.
Eighty-seven percent of people who were arrested for sex crimes had not previously been convicted study.of such an offense, according to a 1997 study. Just 14 percent of all sexual assault cases involved strangers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics. These are examples of who is on the dreaded registry:
1. Romeo and Juliet liasons, false accusations of vindictive teens against an older teen (18 or 19)
2.False accusation by vindictive parents in child custody cases and/or family feuds- There are more of these than most people would believe. There are many reports of people who admit to having lied about being molested when they were younger. Now they would like to have the person wrongly convicted on their testimony set free.
3.mutual consensual sex- but being 3 yrs. and 1 day older than the willing teen (can bring and has brought multiple felony indictments)
4. Sex between consenting teen prostitute (who looks older and even may have lied about her age) with an adult male
5. Criminal charges that later are dropped for insufficient proof but not appealed in time, so still on registry
The number of true dangerous pedaphiles is relatively small. But check out the registry. You're liable to see people who look like your mailman, grocery clerk,etc.etc. And ones who look like they fit the profile could be the least guilty and vice verse. But the numbers are growing exponentially. And as long as politicians and the media can make hay (or reputations) out of this issue, it will breed fear and hysteria and ruin men (mostly) and their families lives who do not deserve to have this happen ! Where are the churches on this issue? Where are people who say they care about justice? Watch MSNBC’s Witch Hunt brought to anyone who wants to learn by Sean Penn and two courageous filmmakers.
My mentally-ill son was falsely accused many years ago of sexually abusing an 8 yr. old girl. in recent years, she recanted. Her grandmother and a nosy, neighborhood watchwoman who did not like my son's looks encouraged her and she was an extraordinarily wilfull(and smart) child who wanted to get my son away from her big sister. She was jealous of their relationship. Few would believe a child this age would lie about something like this but it is true. And I know if you heard the story, you would know that. Too many men have been caught up in the hysteria nationwide against child molesters, who have never harmed a child and never would . I hope the tide will turn and this mad hysteria will be countered by voices of reason. To learn more, go to RSOL (Reform Sex Offender Laws ) or F.A.S.T. (False Allegation Support Team) http://false-allegations-team.com/fasthelp.html http://www.reformsexoffenderlaws.org/index.php

Stacie Lancaster

40% of all women in the US are sexual abused in some form by the time they are 18. 25% of men are sexually abused. I know a many people who drink a lot, and they don't hang out naked in their garage. I think thou protest too much.

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Ron Book is a free man who has done no wrong and can use his hard earned money to do whatever he chooses. Just like you.

This was his only daughters wedding. Why shouldn't he spend a small portion of his savings on her.

As for the CRIMINALS living under the bridge - go and arrest them for trespassing. END THIS NONSENSE.

I am amazed that people blame Ron Book for society's ills when he is one of the few who wake up everyday trying to do the right thing for others. What have you done!

Quit hating the man for his success.


I was at this wedding as a friend of the bride, and it was the most fitting wedding for such an amazingly humble, giving, and loving young woman! And no, this is not his only daughter, but I do agree, he can do what he wants with his money...its their personal lives!

This was the most beautiful wedding I have attended, and never did the smile leave my face from the family's hospitality, and to see Lauren's joy on her and her husband's big day!


I saw this episode of Platinum Weddings and was struck by how kind, gracious and genuine Lauren was. I love Platinum Weddings, but part of the reason I enjoyed this particular episode so much was because the couple seemed so happy and genuine. You could tell that they were really in love.

Lauren never once acted like the stereotypical "princess" they reference in the soundbites - that's all just how they bill the show to attract viewers.

Then this morning I was reading an old NPR story about the child molesters that live under Tuttle bridge. I googled Ron and Lauren Cook and immediately recognized her as the girl from Platinum Weddings.

People shouldn't criticize this girl's wedding. If you read Lauren's story you'll see how much she has been through. She deserves happiness.


To be fair, Ron Book has also re-evaluated the tuttle bridge issue and is working to change it.

Sweet Innocent Child turned sour.

Ron Book is my new Hero, I heard about him today for the first time on public radio and I want to shake his hand and give him a hug for being who he is...
...I have had experiences in life that have cost me dearly. So have two of my friends, one raped for years until she was nine, the other dragged into bushes off a busy highstreet, I was raped twice by different assailants, once when i was 15 by a woman and two men, and once by a man(previously conviced paedofile) who dragged me into an appartment off the street when I was 17.

Being a sexual crime victim, too scared and confused to tell anyone almost cost me my whole life.
And the reprecuttions for the victims are often life-long, leading to all sorts of awfully self-destructive behaviours.
Most sex trade workers have been sexually abused prior to entering that workforce...not a coincidence!!

I'm lucky, I'm not a victim anymore, just a person it once happened to who's blood boils dry every time a paedofile is housed next to a playing field while waiting to go on trial...I hope they all rot in Hell!!!

As I hope Ron Book and like minded, strong willed people live a VERY, VERY long and happy life.
Thank You Ron for all the women, men, girls and boys you'll make a difference to in life.


Ron Book believes his lobbying to protect people from sex offenders had unintended consequences - pushing some into being homeless. He has spent a small fortune trying to correct this problem. (anyone with a brain knows sex offenders need to be watched and they can't be if they are transient. They need an address and Ron agrees with this)
I think spending that kind of money on a wedding is rediculous but it's not my money . It's his to do as he wishes.
Sadly his daughter is already divorced from this golfer but that happens no matter how much you spend.

john doe

Dirty money is all I can say, I guess you can't expect a nanny to do parenting.

Riley Perkins

Book your a crook ! Too bad your a scam artist as well !!!!
Sorry to see fort lauderdale fire u

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