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Sen. Jim King wants to be university chancellor

State Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, is going to apply to be chief executive of Florida's university system. If he gets the job, he would step down after 23 years in the Legislature and a special election would be held.

King says several people approached him a couple of weekends ago and asked if he would be interested in the chancellor job that has been open since Mark Rosenberg stepped down in February.

"I said, well, normally I’d say no because I had my retirement all taken care of, but the economy is saying that I’ll probably have to do something and that was something that I think I could do," said King, 69, and the former Senate president. "Now, whether or not I’m even on the short list, I don’t know. But the answer to the question is, 'Would you be interested to pursue it?' Yes, I would."

King planned to call search committee head Carolyn Roberts today, but ran out of time as he and his staff were preparing a bill presentation for Tuesday. He says he'll call her soon.


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Just what Florida needs -another washed up, hack politician in higher education.

TK has made FSU a laughing stock in national education circles, now King wants to do the same for the whole Florida system.


Looks like another pig is getting ready to belly up to the public trough. As usual voters will NOT care or say anything, what a surprise!

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