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Cannon unveils plan Tuesday for oil and gas drilling

Rep. Dean Cannon, the Orlando Republican who is slated to become House leader in 2010, will unveil legislation Tuesday that could open the door to the first oil and gas drilling off Florida's coast in decades.

He will ask the House Policy Council on Tuesday to pass a bill that lifts Florida's ban on oil drilling off state waters. The measure would replace the ban with a plan to allow the governor and Florida Cabinet to charge $1 million per application to explore state-controlled waters that stretch between 3 and 10 miles offshore.

But after years of resisting oil and gas drilling off Florida shores, the state's fiscal straits have made it politically practical for Cannon to pursue the change. But environmentalists are already blasting the idea.

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Bad Bad idea. When are we going to elect people with common sense. The Florida Legislature only cares about destroying what made Florida so great... the environment and now they are going out to destroy our beaches. Please stop the insanity.


Great idea! Finally a way around the mindless restrictions placed on us by the Federal government. They are our resources and we should be able to use them. We have the technology to drill cleanly and safely. DO IT!

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Florida legislative committee has passed a measure to open up the cash-strapped state's Gulf of Mexico coastline to oil drilling. The House Policy Council voted 17-6 Tuesday to approve a bill that opens Florida waters to exploration...

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Still think offshore drilling will be good for Fla. with 20 mile long oil slick in the Gulf off Louisiana?! Wonderful for our fisheries, beaches, way of life, not to mention the disasterous (immediate and longterm) effects on wildlife. Nah no big deal this oil drilling. Florida is known as the Sunshine State-lets live up to our name & promote solar & other clean energies. Longterm positive impacts to our state reputation, economy, climate, coastal systems, way of life....

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