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Charlie Crist loves Christ license plate

Jesus Earlier in the day, Weston Democratic Sen. Nan Rich said she'd urge Gov. Charlie Crist to veto proposed license plates that depicted Jesus and that depicted a cross in front of a stained-glass window.

Asked about whether he'd veto the legislation, Crist said no way.

"I would not veto those.... No I would not," Crist said.

So you don't have a problem with Jesus on a license plate?

Crist: "I don’t. No."

What about separation of church and state?

Crist: “If they don’t want one they don’t have to buy one.”

Is that state endorsement of religion?

"I think it.. What's it say? 'In God We Trust' on every single piece of monetary, coins and paper we have? I think it’s fine."


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People who believe in separation of church and state also objected to the addition of "In God We Trust" to coinage after the Civil War -- it was thought crass to put that on money -- and objected to the addition of "Under God" to the pledge. Unfortunately, people who are nominally (but not behaviorally) followers of Jesus will doubtless have their way this time too.

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