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Crist doesn't like elections bill

Gov. Charlie Crist would not use the word -- "I don' t like to use the V word," he said -- but made it clear he does not support a fast-moving elections overhaul bill that has drawn sharp criticism, including an editorial in Sunday's New York Times. (background here)

"What is it we’re trying to cure?" Crist asked in an interview with the Times/Herald. "The more opportunity you give people to vote, the better it is for democracy. So that aspect of it concerns me."

"It always seems to me that when there may be legislation that attempts to sort of make it harder for people to do something – the people that we work for –  generally that’s not good. I don’t look on that in a favorable light and that is true of this particularly particular part of this legislation."

Would you veto the bill if it hits your desk? "Let’s see if it does first. I don’t like to use the V word … but I’m not fond of that provision. It concerns me."


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Thankfully there appears to be at least one sane GOP'er in Tallahassee when it comes to this undemocratic power grab. Gov. Crist, go ahead and say it: V-E-T-O!!

We the People

Thank you Gov. Crist... you are the people's Governor!


The question here is whether the national GOP will sit on him so as to let this pass. I think he will decide it's better to have more popular support if he wants to run for Senate. The loonies already hate him anyway.

Janet Gaudiello

Floridians need to follow this and see if Governor Crist continues to stand for what is right for the people or cows to the GOP,aka the Regional Southern Party.


Crist has always maintained that he supports transparency. This bill promotes just the opposite.

Let's use the V word.

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