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Crist passes on tea, embraces Obama tax credit

While GOPers across Florida and the country today are holding Boston Harbor-inspired "tea parties" to protest the Democratic administration's tax-and-spend policies, Republican Gov. Charlie Crist isn't marching to beat of the same revolutionary war drummer.

Crist He's encouraging Florida residents to take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit on homes bought this year under the Democratic administration's stimulus plan.

"Even though today is Tax Day, first-time Florida home buyers can still claim the tax savings on their 2008 tax return – even if the closing is after today – by requesting an extension or filing an amended return,” Crist said in a chipper press release that contrasts with the doom-and-gloom "taxman cometh'' messages from the GOP.


"Or they can also claim it on 2009 tax return, which will be filed next year,'' Crist added. "Either way, I encourage Floridians and newcomers to Florida to take advantage of this tax break and bargain prices on Florida real estate."


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Where's Rudy?

Dear Governor,

Remember when you supported Rudy Giuliani 100 percent until you turned on him and supported John McCain. Now, you are turning on your own Republican party. We will remember. Enjoy your retirement in Florida, you gutless loser.

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