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Jeb Bush joins Romney and McCain in new GOP group

From The AP: Jeb Bush and other top Republican officials and lawmakers plan to announce on Thursday that they will have a series of town hall-style meetings about ideas for shaping the country, starting this weekend. Their goal is to highlight conservative policy ideas and draw contrasts with Democratic President Barack Obama.

Democrats have said Republicans don't have any new ideas and only say "no" to Obama's agenda. House and Senate Republicans want to rebut that claim.

They're forming a policy group called the National Council for a New America. It will include former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain.


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McCain? I think I would leave him at home.


Adding a Bush to McCain is as bad as the previous blunder of adding Palin to McCain. The GOP remains very unappealing and just stale bread......

An Independent


Given the other names in this group, I'd say McCain is trying to rehabilitate his reputation by hanging out with better Republicans than he is. He is clearly a fish out of water but the rest of them are worth hearing.


I hope Arlen doesn't let the door hit him in the butt as he moves across the asile.

Next, we need to get McCain to leave the party.

Then we can get real conservatives to run...and McCain can run like the Democrat he is.


Bush, McCain and Romney. Now there's new thinking.


While George Bush was a dissappointment for a lot of Americans, Jeb Bush did an outstanding job as Governor of Florida. Unfortunately, people will judge Jeb by George's results.

McCain...I agree. Leave him at home.

Romney...should have been the presidential nominee for the Republicans. Smart. Articulate. Knew the issues in and out. Maybe too conservative... But, I think they blew it when they picked McCain/Palin.

Bobby Jindal...okay.

Haley Barbour....Jury's still out...

What, no Sarah Palin??? I'm okay with that.

I say Romney and Bush are the main attractions here and may have something worth listening to. But, if their agenda is to focus on bashing Obama's every move, I say shut up and stay at home. We don't need that. We need real answers, not blame game or party politics. We get way too much of that already.

Hugh Craft

Now is the time for Jeb and Mitt to hit the folks who are to receive the $250 "bribes" B.O. is sending to Social Security recipients! I had considered refusing mine and returning it, but I would donate it all to your Conservative initiatives--if others will join in!

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