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Rachel's Law passes

The Senate just passed HB 271, the law protecting confidential informants, by unanimous vote.

The bill, sponsored by Tampa Bay Sen. Mike Fasano in the Senate, was proposed in the wake of the death of FSU graduate Rachel Hoffman of Pinellas County, a confidential informant for Tallahassee law enforcement authorities who died last May.

The House passed the measure, so now it goes to the Governor.


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its a shame that the cops get beat up for a CI that would not follow directions given by the case agent. I have worked side by side with the case agent and I will tell you this Pender goes by the book to ensure the saftey of the CI. The public has no idea how fast a drug deal can go bad and no Laws can govern the actions of dope dealers. If laws would govern dope dealers why hasnt congress leagalized all types of narcotics.

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