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$15 million in budget 'turkeys' now before Crist

The budget turkey is a rare find this year. TaxWatch's annual list identifies 10 projects worth $15 million that it says bypassed the normal appropriation process. "The Legislature was forced to make a number of very difficult decisions this year because of the state's financial situation," said Dominic Calabro, president of the organization.

This year's total is down from $110 million last year and is the lowest amount since the turkey watch began in 1994 (there were two no-turkey years).

The 10 projects, most of which were funded through trust funds, include $100,000 for the task force on African-American History; $300,000 for the Hillsborough Association of Retarded Citizens; $1 million for the Miami project to cure paralysis; $8 million for an infrastructure pilot program for counties and schools; $3 million for a pilot to make traffic signals less vulnerable to hurricanes; and $125,000 for the Holocaust museum in St. Petersburg.

The full list and TaxWatch report is here. The group cautions that not all projects are bad but that they should not be added during conference or as part of normal budgeting. It is now up to Gov. Charlie Crist to decide whether to veto the so-called turkeys.


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The Facts

What about the UCF & FIU Medical Schools. Thats over $40 million in pork for just this year alone (Half a billion after it is all said and done).

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