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Charlie Crist calls GOPers 'wacky' on stimulus

Now that $5.3 billion in federal stimulus money is being pumped into next year's proposed budget, you're no longer hearing any second-guessing about the wisdom of taking the cash.

Asked if he felt vindicated in pushing for the money, here's what Gov. Charlie Crist said: “Obviously, it was right. We needed it for the children of Florida, and for the students of our state and for them to have a bright future. I mean that’s the point. As an executive, as the chief executive, to not take that money to help people would have been wacky.”


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The Gov is good

Touche' Charlie. You are a Great Governor, if I were you I would leave the Republican Party. You are much better than them.


Oh yeah, great idea. Accept the stimulus money and the attached strings that it comes with, then when we run out of the stimulus cash, we have to figure out a way to fund the strings. Brilliant.

Brilliant, that is, if your plan is to get the hell out of Tallahassee in time.

Charlie, again, you are a disgrace.

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