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Gayle Harrell trying to rejoin the House

Gayle Former state Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart, is trying to win back her old seat, which Democrat Adam Fetterman took in 2008.

"It is important during times like these that the people of House District 81 have a representative who will fight for their families, their jobs, and their pocket books," she said in a statement at the Port St. Lucie GOP headquarters. Speaker designate Dean Cannon attended.

Harrell, who failed in a bid for Congress, is one of several former lawmakers trying to come back in 2010. They include Jack Latvala, Joe Negron and John Thrasher.


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Ms. Harrell should have gotten the message when she ran for Congress. She couldn't even win the republican primary - to me, that speaks volumes. Mr. Harrell's time in public office is done. We can't afford more of her tired ideas of the past.

LRC is a fake

LRC, it's good to see you are a multi-site blogger. Your message looks just like the one Adam Fetterman sent out today too.

By the way, how many bills did Fetterman pass in 2009? Answer: Zero.

How many of Fetterman's bills got heard in committee? Answer: Two made an agenda and one passed its first committee.

So what was Adam Fetterman doing all Session? Looks like Fetterman was too tired to even put forth any ideas. Sorry to burst your bubble.


I am sorry, but how easy is it for a Democrat to get a bill heard in the GOP dominated legislature? Very.

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