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Grand jury indicts Odom, adds perjury charge for Sansom

A4S_odom022209_57521c A grand jury has just indicted developer Jay Odom on a felony charge of official misconduct for his role in the $6 million airport building that Rep. Ray Sansom secured funding for in 2007.

The jury also added a perjury charge for Sansom, who testified in April that he was unaware the airport building would be used by Odom. (links to indictments here and here.)

State Attorney Willie Meggs said the principal theory of law was applied to charge Odom with official misconduct. "We charged him with being a principal to the acts of an official." In other words, Sansom would have no reason to seek money for an airport building had Odom not pushed for one, according to the indictment. A profile of Odom is here. Video: Meggs explains the charges.