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House passes budget 75-43, sine die to come

Closing the books on the 2009 legislative session, the House just approved the state's $66.5 billion budget by a 75-43 vote. It was a strict party line vote, with one Democrat (Kelly Skidmore) and one Republican (Ed Homan) not voting.

The House also voted 85-30 to raise the state's cigarette tax $1 a pack, with bill presenter Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale, in the nay camp. And the to-the-wire gambling bill was approved 82-35.

Debate over two days had Republicans touting an education budget that increases per-student spending and Democrats attacking millions of dollars in new fees affecting practically all Floridians. 

"I find it troubling that the Republican Party, which touts fiscal conservatism and family values, has crafted a state budget that is held together by smokers and gamblers," said Democratic leader Franklin Sands of Weston.

Said Rep. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland: "We made priority choices and in doing so, we have funded every single thing that was asked in regards to this budget."


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Where did the GOP go ?

Way to go Ellyn. At least there a one or two Republicans left in the Legislature.


Looks like the budget contains some Class Warfare.

The State of Florida bears the dubious distinction of having the lowest paid State Workers in the Nation. These are the people who provide Public Service in the State of Florida. These include Health, Safety and Environment Services. http://www.myflorida.com/directory/

But as the Nation struggles to stabilize and stimulate the economy, these workers have become the objects of pay cuts by the Florida State Legislature in the budget they are now approving for the State.


Paycuts being no surprise to anyone these days, these cuts will apply to state workers starting at salaries of $45,000 and will mostly direct affect middle class working families, with secondary effects on the population most in need of service.

How can this be happening when the State of Florida has an estimated $4.7 Billion is Federal Stimulus money estimated for just this year?


We think this is the wrong place to cut the budget. We are asking Governor Charlie Crist to stop this class warfare with a Line Item Veto of the pay cut for Florida State Workers.


Let him know the State of Florida needs the services of its State Workers for the People of Florida!

Broward Dem

Franklin Sands and democrats like Jim Waldman push and push for cigarette taxes and increased gambling, and when they finally get what they ask for their moronic leader says stupid crap like:

"I find it troubling that the Republican Party, which touts fiscal conservatism and family values, has crafted a state budget that is held together by smokers and gamblers,"

Instead of taking credit for the effort, he tries to appeal to the far right? If this is the best spin he can come up with, he is even more lame than I thought. Read the polls Einstein.
Sands is one of the worst politicians that has come down the pike in quite some time. A complete Moron.

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