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How badly do Dems want Sink to be gov?

Very badly, by the crowded look of Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink's latest fundraising invitation, which lists roughly 40 co-chairs and hosts -- even though Sink doesn't have a re-election opponent in sight. Chairs and co-chairs are asked to raise $10,000-$5,000 each for the May 14 event at the Riverside Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Check it out here.

Sink is widely expected to run for governor if Gov. Charlie Crist runs for the U.S. Senate. His decision could come as soon as next week, giving Sink's fundraisers a strong selling point.


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It is fitting that this article comes out the day we learn her old employer, Bank of America, may fail the Stress Test!

Didn't she tell us she was president of BOA?

Cynical Idealist

Yes, she is well known as a former president of Florida's Bank of America operations.

Despite all the negative crap spewed by small minded Republicans, Sink is a breath of fresh air for the Democratic Party: a business-oriented, successful woman who can runs as a moderate on social issues and a conservative on fiscal issues.

R's are worried about her because her brand of politics is more in line with Floridians as a whole.

They'll try and tear her down between now and the election and they may succeed; but if it does, it'll be bucking the trend that negative politics isn't working near as well as it did in 2000 or 2004.

Keep spewing your hate morons. One day American are going to revolt against the politics of destruction; and, it looks like it's already begun...

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