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McCarty urges Crist to veto 'consumer choice' insurance rates; Bennett lashes out

Sen. Mike Bennett wants Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty to resign, saying he reneged on a promise not to lobby against Bennett's bill deregulating large insurers' rates. Bennett told Gov. Crist as much in a letter sent today.

In a recent letter to Gov. Charlie Crist, Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty urges the governor to veto HB 1171, which is aimed at keeping and luring large insurance companies like State Farm to Florida by letting them raise rates without state approval. Gov. Crist hasn't yet received the bill but it's expected to land on his desk within the next few weeks.

Read the McCarty letter here: Download McCarty Letter

Read the Bennett letter here: Download Bennett


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Bennet is correct in that this will not result in a rate increase. It will give consumers a choice - finally.

I have no idea why the Commissioner would oppose this.


McCarty is the problem.

James Madison Institute

Florida’s private property insurance market is not sustainable in its current form. Misguided decisions by policy leaders created this situation, and they must now make difficult choices in order to reestablish the competitive insurance market. For more info, read James Madison Institute’s “Restoring the Private Property Insurance Market to Reduce Florida’s Risk of Financial Insolvency” at http://www.jamesmadison.org/article.php/671.html

sick of charlie

Kevin McCarty is not an elected official. The people of Florida contacted their elected officials and urged the passage of this legislation, so, Charlie, the "people have spoken" as you so aptly like to say. If you listen to just one person and not the masses, then you truly don't listen to the people and you are the liar. The plan that you and Kevin worked up about reducing rates hasn't worked so well, so, why don't we try something different and allow good companies to decide how much their product is worth and then "the people" can decide whether or not they want to pay that price. How do you know how much a homeowners polic should cost? you don't even own a home or car! It's been obvious for years that Kevin is your puppet. Time to cut the strings. Either you take the hit or he does.

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