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Rubio warns of 'American socialism'

When former House Speaker Marco Rubio announced the other night on Univision-Channel 23 that he is, indeed, running for the U.S. Senate, he said, "I'm very much interested in what is happening with the taxes and the economy in this country, and the kind of American Socialism that they want to establish in the United States."

Hispanic politicians frequently deliver that kind of politically charged message to Cuban- American audiences but not to English-speaking ones. Does Rubio really believe President Barack Obama is trying to establish socialism in this country, or is he merely trying to fan flames in the exile community?


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Is Rubio the pot or the kettle?

Wasn't it Rubio who oversaw the drastic expansion of Citizens Insurance, the government-run insurance company?

Not only did Rubio expose the state to risk that will bankrupt the state after the first hurricane, but he drove private insurers from Florida in order so the government-run program could absorb all their customers.

Noneya Biz

Rubio, Is a Limbaughite. In other words he is a Wack Job!


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Rubio is absolutely right to call it as it is: socialism. If taxing some to redistribute to others and nationalizing banks, automakers, healthcare, and other industries isn't socialism, then I don't know what is.

As for the expansion of Citizens, that was done during a Special Session in which the governor had the full mandate of his recent election. The "people," in their ever short-sighted way of seeing things, were demanding a cut in insurance premiums whether even if it meant placing the state-run insurer in financial jeopardy and driving out private insurers. The Senate and the Governor were willing to deliver, and the House had no choice but to agree. It was bad policy, but unfortunately every policy decision is accompanied by politics.

Rest in Peace GOP

Rubio is TOAST! All one has to do is see that he is endorsed by the Club for Growth and that in and of itself is the "Kiss of Death".

The GOP is so out of touch with the average American these days, that "if" they ever do become relevant again... it will probably be in 50 plus years from now.


Actually the citizens expansion was pushed by none other than Charlie Crist.

Joshu Jones

Just curious - was he quoting Limbuagh or Hannity?


Beth, you ask dismissively if Rubio really believes that Obama is institutionalizing socialism in this country. Open your eyes! You can see it all around you! You're so blind to the truth because of your left wing beliefs that you can't see that the administration is nationalizing banks and the auto industry! And I promise you that it won't end there! My question isn't if Rubio really believes it. My question is, why don't you? You're ignoring reality and are nothing more than a useful idiot. Except worse, since you're a journalist. You're an enabler. Wake up! Rubio for Senate!


While I applaud Marco's demonstration of gravitas for getting in the race, he must now tack to the middle to capture some of Charlie's base. Florida Republicans are more moderate than those of the rest of the country - for proof look to Obama's Florida victory (which could not happen without closet Republican support) and Charlie's victory over Gallahger in the 06 primary. Pushing to the right, as Marco has done in his opening salvo, will only continue to marginalize the Party as "W" did for the last 8 years (i.e the "Endless War Party" and if you oppose endless war, then you are un-American).

Obama's victory proves that middle America's values are those of the traditional inclusive Republic Party. Obama co-opted Republican issues, lower taxes for middles class Americans making less than 200K, and accountability for money given away to wall street (remember it was "W" that gave away nearly $1.3 Trillion - 400 Billion from the Fed without any Congressional authorization - without any strings attached; if there is a socialist in the room his name includes a "W"); and finally a more focused and realistic foreign policy based on our self-interest as opposed to endless war simply for the sake of having war which was the admitted to foreign policy of Condi and "W."

Marco move to the middle, tack to the center. The Republican Party Primary road is littered with the carcasses of far right candidates. Don't be one of them.


Another thought. In the 90's Clinton sucessfully co-opted Republican issues. Today, Obama has successfully co-opted Republican principles. The Republican Party has a sort of pack mentality blindly following Hannity and Rush. The core philosophy of this dynamic duo is simply if the Democrats are for it - we are against it. The Dems used to have the same philosophy and then they lost in 68, 72, 80, 84, 88. Clinton changed that loosing streak by co-opting Republican issues - proving that Republican values are the values of a majority of Americans. Rush and Hannity don't get that. Rush and Hannity want to make the remaining Republican Party one that will never again capture the White House. Ironically, Colin Powell and Charlie Crist and those that tack to the middle (hint for Marco) are the people that we Republicans need to look to if we expect to recapture the White House and control of the Senate.

Democrat Dad

John has it right concerning his party. They need to think "Teddy Roosevelt" and "Lincoln", not "Ronald 'Mr. President, please tear down this myth' Reagan".

Rush, Hannity and Rubio rail against "Socialism", which they want to replace with a corporate-nationalistic "Fascism".

Maybe we need a third, moderate-centrist party (which many Americans might switch into) to break this BS?

More choices couldn't be a bad thing ...

We need a strong Senator

The argument made by Gus and realist is that socialized homeowners insurance was proposed by Crist, but Marco Rubio was too weak as speaker to stop it. Good point!

Florida doesn't need a weak senator. We don't need Rubio.

Paul D. Harvill

Former Speakers of the House who sought state-wide office:

Johnnie Byrd

Ralph Haben


Former Speakers of the House who won state-wide office:

Doyle Conner


I need some help, folks.

Who am I missing?

I know that I am missing a good number.

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