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The Quotable Ag Commissioner

In announcing his decision not to run for governor in 2010, Ag Commissioner Charles Bronson acknowledged the resulting lack of a Republican primary could well make coverage less exciting in the coming months.

"Now, I don't want to call you all sharks," the central Florida rancher chuckled at the reporters gathered for his press conference. "But you like excitement."

And with that, he reminded us that he would have been quite the bearer of pithy, amusing, down-to-earth quotes on the campaign trail. Consider:

On whether he would consider a run for Lt. Governor: "If I'm going to take that much heat, I'd like to own the stove."

On the "spirited" nature of the governor's race already between CFO Alex Sink and AG Bill McCollum: "We're 18 months out, and the grenades have been lobbed and the pins have been pulled."

On what he'll do next: "Go to the log cabin with my family and take a few days off."