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White House: We don't need political posturing when it comes to hurricanes. Confirm Fugate

White House press spokesman Robert Gibbs called out Louisiana Sen. David Vitter today for putting a hold on FEMA nominee Craig Fugate, calling it "political posturing.

"We're three weeks from hurricane season, beginning the first of June. And we have nominated somebody that has a stellar bipartisan record, originally nominated by Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and supported by Democrats and Republicans alike," Gibbs said at the White House press briefing. "He is somebody that deserves immediate Senate confirmation, not political posturing from a senator from Louisiana who should understand as well as anybody what's at stake in responding to a hurricane.  And we expect that he'll be confirmed quickly."

Gibbs said he didn't know if President Obama had talked to the Louisiana Republican, but said there may be an effort today to seat Fugate.

"I think I would let Senator Vitter know that the best way to get moving on any concerns that he has with FEMA is to get somebody of the utmost regard at the helm of FEMA to make progress.  And I think his constituents would expect that same level of professionalism," Gibbs said.


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We must do everthing in are power to fight the socialist.Jeb liked crist back in the day and look at him now? Who would take the stimulus except a socialists governer?If jeb knew he was a socialist,he would have ran him out of Fl.
I have heard this fugate talk and I think hes a homosexual,god would be mad if we allowed those kind of people.
We have to block what ever the socialist do even if we have to go back to the stone ages.Fugate will make everybody working on storm work to be union members and thats like joing socialist party.Listen to rush and neal,they will ediucate you.
joing jeb and stop the socialist obama he wasnt borne here he is a socialist and muslim

Hallandale Beach Blog

These Herald articles on Fugate thus far have shown far too much naivete. Herald's May 2nd story said federal regulations currently prohibit FEMA from funding new construction in
so-called "high-velocity flood zones," and LA state officials want more flexibility. Seems pretty reasonable under the circumstances.

If FEMA ever ruled that certain parts of Key Biscayne, Miami Beach and or The Keys that were home to lots of popular retail or high-intensity housing, could not use FEMA funds following the next hurricane, we'd never hear the end of the griping from South Florida officials about "meddling" or insensitivity to future victims. Why would you expect an area that's as prone to weather disasters as Louisiana to not want those areas that couldn't receive funding in the future to be as small as possible? That defies both common sense and Politics 101. -Hallandale Beach Blog

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