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Why do the Dems gather at such a posh place?

Why did Florida Democrats, the party that portrays itself as speaking for the poor and working families suffering in a recession, hold its annual gala Saturday at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach -- one of the swankiest places around?

Because it's also one of the only South Florida hotels largely run on union labor.

The hotel created some interesting contrasts. When Kendrick Meek held a presser, he stood in front of a group of ordinary residents supporting him who wore blue jeans, flip flops and hand-scrawled signs. Meanwhile, Meek stood underneath a massive crystal chandelier as he spoke in the lobby over the din of music from the bar where svelte women sipped cockails and a young child played chess.

The Jefferson-Jackson dinner raised about $625,000 for the Democrats.


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democrat = fake caring

Erik Jakoff, communications director at the democrat party, Alex Sink, CFO and banker, and the rest are all fakes. How much do they make? and they pretend to care? why don't they give their own money away. Maybe they are capitalists at heart.

karen Marx

Capitalists? What else should they be? Would you be happy with Socialist, how about Communist! VERY SCARY what is going on today. These Jackasses haven't ever picked up a history book in their life....

Bret Padilla

Good one.

"But they use union labor" -- the excuse for why the poor Dems splurge at the Fontainebleau.

--The Miami Herald


Please.. union workers... hypocrit, lying two-faced democrats have an answer for everything... why would anyone vote democrat??? Oh yeah, because they're too stupid to know they're being conned


Union "illegal Labor" dont forget that..the Hotel Workers of America are illegals..

knightsbridge mansions

Anyone is free to gather anywhere i suppose?

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