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Carrie Meek's lobbying up for a vote

When a lobbyist faces a potential conflict of interest, who better to turn to than -- another lobbyist?

Former U.S. Rep. Carrie Meek, whose request for a conflict-of-interest waiver is slated to come before the Miami-Dade County Commission tomorrowDownload 091622, has hired prominent legislator-turned-lobbyist Miguel de Grandy as legal counsel, according to a letter to Commission Chairman Dennis Moss. Check out De Grandy's long list of clients that he represents in front of the commission here.

At issue is Meek's representation of both the county and Wackenhut Corp., despite their high-stakes showdown. Miami-Dade says the security company overbilled taxpayers $3.4 million. Wackenhut is suing the county for more than $20 million in damages. Story here.

Meek isn't the only lobbyist asking for a conflict-of-interest waiver tomorrow. So is Gomez Barker, which represents the county in Tallahassee but was involved in cutting Miami-Dade out of a new law that allows counties to raise sales taxes for fire rescue services. Download 091798

County Commissioner Sally Heyman is proposing a change to the conflict-of-interest section of the law that would require the lobbyist and private client to file a joint affidavit that rules out any "success fee."Download 091901 .

Could be an interesting meeting...


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