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Common ground for Sink and McCollum: the ethics defense

Attorney General Bill McCollum "misused his public position in violation of the law'' by using the state plane to divert flights from Tallahassee to the Sanford airport, close his to Longwood home, according to Ken Quinnell, a Democratic activist who filed an ethics complaint against the Republican AG today.

The arrival of the complaint Tuesday now makes it even. Chief Financial Alex Sink, a Democrat who is running for governor, drew an ethics complaint Monday from Republican activist Jose Blas Lorenzo, Jr.

Both complaints accuse the cabinet officials of wasting taxpayer money. Both complaints cite the plane logs that show that each of them had planes diverted to their hometown airports on the way to or from official business. And both provide copies of their appointments calendar.

According to the Herald/Times review Sink diverted the plane 44 times, and had state business 30 of those times. McCollum diverted the plane 53 times, almost always to and from state business. 

Given that the ethics law appears to apply to each of them for the similar allegations, does this mean these two rivals now have one thing in common: their ethics defense?  Download Ethics Complaint Sink Download Ethics Complaint McCollum


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Kenneth Quinnell

Quick question? You claim that Sink used the plain more often, and the way it's worded it appears to suggest that she used it more often in violation of the law. The complaints do not support that, however. There are five reported incidences in the Sink complaint vs. 15 in the McCollum complaint.

Kenneth Quinnell

Thanks for the update. Sorry, one more question, the original article says that of the 44 times Sink diverted the plane, 30 of them were considered official business and she reimbursed the state for the others (if I'm reading that correctly). But it doesn't give the same breakdown for the McCollum totals. 53 looks higher than 44 to me. It says that you didn't have McCollum's calendar at the time. How did you determine that McCollum's trips were official business?

He teaches at TCC

Kenny, why am I not shocked that you of all people filed this complaint?

Hey, is Rick Minor going to run against MRV? I've heard that around the local political rumor mill.

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