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Fort Lauderdale attorney officially enters Republican race for Bogdanoff's House seat

David Maymon, a Fort Lauderdale attorney who is active in the Broward Republican politics, announced Thursday that he has formally joined the race for the state House seat now held by Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale.

Maymon, 32, is deputy director of communications for the Broward Republican Executive Committee and has volunteered on several campaigns. The Broward native also leads Fort Lauderdale's Community Services Board.

Bogdanoff's announcement last month that she plans to run for the open state Senate seat created by Senate President Jeff Atwater's run for chief financial officer has created a scramble for her House seat.

House District 91 runs up the coast from Dania Beach to Boca Raton, and as the only predominately-Republican House district to include a large portion of Broward, it is expected to generate a heated Republican primary in a county otherwise dominated by Democrats.

In addition to Maymon, Soil and Water Commissioner Oliver Parker and marketing company president Yomin Postelnik also plan to run.

As a young Republican, who is well known in Republican activist circles, Maymom could be the fresh face Republicans are looking for, but he will need to work hard to make his name known to those outside local party politics.

See below to read the full text of Maymon's announcement.


 FT. LAUDERDALE - Fort Lauderdale attorney and health care business owner David Maymon today announced that he will seek the District 91 House of Representative seat being vacated by State Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff.

The text of Maymon's announcement is set forth below.

"As a South Florida native, I have strong ties to the east Broward community and am keenly aware of the challenges facing its families, particularly the elderly and small business owners.  My legal and business background provides me with a unique perspective on the major issues of the day, which include property tax relief, insurance reform, new health and education initiatives, vigorous support of our first responders and most importantly a jump start of our faltering economy."  

"We are in the midst of a deep economic crisis that requires new and fresh approaches to get us back on the right track. I believe that my experience in the private sector, with my own health care business which I founded to assist the elderly, provides insight on the issues effecting them and all the residents of District 91.  In just a few short years, my company, Advocate Home Care Services, has grown to employ 7 full time employees and hundreds of nurses working in the field by focusing on the basics: relentless hard work, conservative fiscal management and innovative ideas. I will put those same principles to work for the people of District 91." 

Maymon has been an active member of the community serving as Chairman of the City of Ft. Lauderdale's Community Services Board, Deputy Director of Communications of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, a member of the Broward Crime Commission, and a trustee in the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce.  He is also active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward and the Plantation Kiwanis.

House District 91 stretches from Dania Beach Blvd in the south to Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton to the north. The western boundary is U.S. 1 and parts of Dixie Highway east to the coast.   



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Stephen J.

This guy will be speaker one day.

David "Not" My man

Dan has no experience and the worst of avisors. He is starting a race going in the wrong direction. He should rethink who his team really is! Being a young republican makes him qualified? PLEASE!!!

Looking for a Candidate

So, one Republican Attorney who has helped other Republican campaigns is going to replace another Republican Attorney who helped Republican campaigns.
That's exactly the type of change we're looking for.


What's an avisor ?

District 91 voter

Any Democrats considering running?
Any Independents?
Anyone have any better suggestions?

duh duh dooohhhh

And another Republican Attorney who has a republican attorney working on his campaign- the guy doesn't stand a chance!! you can keep this change!!

Even more curious

Who is Dan ?

No name recognition

See what I mean? Dan Dvve David- who even cares??? Nobody knows who he is!!


David is a great guy. Successful, hard working, and a quality businessman and attorney.

He has the energy and smarts to go far.

He will make a great rep!


I say go for it! Nobody should be discouraged to run for office!

I'm an independent but was at the Democratic Party's big dinner at the Fontainbleu. To answer the person's question about who else is running --- well I couldn't get a real clear answer when I asked around.
The name I heard mentioned most was Chris Chiari who has run twice before. Also, I believe a City Commissioner from Pompany Beach?
It seems like they're still looking.

Campaign staffer

9:19 m is the Hollywood Attorney that is working on the campaign - also a Broward YR and wannabe politician.


R. Denapoli is working on the campaign. Good luck David! You'll need it! Ha ha

No Comparison

Check out this website:


No Comparison to the "coming soon" website of David. Go Yomin!! - You have a vision, a plan, and have it all laid out! My Man!


R. DeNapoli is not working on anyone's campaign as far as I know...but he has helped many candidates in the past and has a good record of achievement helping Republican candidates both in FL and in NY. He's one of the people the party needs to get back in power. He was trained by one of the best political consultants in Broward - Tony G - and has donated time and money to countless Republican candidates. And he doesn't blog so BrowardGOPGuy isn't him.

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