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Health care, health care and more health care

That's the theme of the national Democratic party's push this summer, part of a sweeping effort to keep President Obama's campaign volunteer network engaged and ready to re-elect him in 2012.

Organizing for America will hold "health care organizing kickoffs'' Saturday in all 50 states.


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ray bellamy

We need Single Payer national health insurance, such as embodied in HR 676 or S 703. No other proposal is affordable and none other will be sustainable or cover all Americans. The for-profit insurers must go. They add no benefit to the system, milk billions in profits, add billions in administrative costs, and do their best to sign up only healthy enrollees, spending much effort avoiding payment of claims. This is not socialized medicine: free choice of physician (which we do not now have) and private health care providers and hospitals. Obama admits Single Payer is best but does not want to stir up the hornets' nest by eliminating private insurers. Go to PNHP.org to learn more.

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