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McCarty gets a lashing from Rep. Proctor on rate dereg bill opposition

As Gov. Charlie Crist leans toward a veto of Rep. Bill Proctor's bill that would deregulate large insurers' rates, Proctor has sent a letter to Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty blasting and questioning his criticism of the legislation.

McCarty recently voiced his objections to HB1171 in a letter (Download McCarty Letter) to Gov. Charlie Crist, which prompoted Senate bill sponsor Sen. Mike Bennett to demand McCarty step down from his post. His letter: Download Bennett.

Proctor's letter, sent today, questions McCarty's contention that the legislation will disrupt the market for 40 new companies that have been brought in to Florida to write policies under Mccarty's watch. Proctor, R-St. Augustine, also expresses concern over the financial viability and claims-paying capacity of those smaller companies.

Read it here: Download Proctorletter1171


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Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Competitve Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based free market think tank, recently addressed Commissioner McCarty's concerns regarding HB 1171:


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