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McCollum channels McCain, Joe the Plumber

Bill McCollum, the Republican frontrunner for governor, sounded kind of like Republican presidential nominee John McCain in his "Joe the plumber'' days.

"Socialism failed in Europe and socialism will fail here,'' he told the Miami-Dade Republican Party tonight. "We believe in individual liberty, in opportunity, in free market, and growth. We believe in growing wealth, not resdistributing it."

McCollum awkwardly tried to sound bi-partisan and inclusive while defending the Republican party's basic philosophy.

"We'll invite everybody to participate in governing this state,'' he said. "We do not have all the best ideas sitting in this room tonight. Somebody else may have some great ideas. We've got to find those common grounds, but we will do it with our principles, from our vantage point, because we know that the way that we believe, and the way that we understand how the world works is the right way, the way forward, the way up, what I call a new way up for Florida."  


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Both parties always, in every election, talk about the need for bipartisanship. Yet, no one really means it. They do it for the sound bites. Neither party wants bipartisanship. They want to rule and govern based on their beliefs and principles.

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With republicans coming into the house, we'll see if there is any change in Washington.

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Not sure if we will see a lot of change in the near future, but we will see.

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Now that the rebublicans have the house maybe something will happen. But I'm not exactly convinced.

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