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Rubio says he's not playing hardball with Matthews

Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio said his Iran-related tweet that elicited a jab from MSNBC's Chris Matthews wasn't aimed at getting national publicity. "I'm not quite that cunning,'' Rubio quipped after giving a speech tonight in Hallandale Beach, insisting that he didn't know Matthews had talked about him on his show.

Rubio's recent tweet: "I have a feeling the situation in Iran would be a little different if they had a 2nd amendment like ours" drew this response from Matthews:  "Wow, things would be different if the protesters had the constitutional right to bear arms to fight back against the Iranian Guard? I hadn't thought of that.  Then again, it wouldn't really be a non-violent protest, would it Mr. Rubio, if the non-violent protesters were walking around with guns."

The former House Speaker said tonight that he wasn't advocating violence. "I think the Second Amendment is a fundamental right,'' he said.


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Robert Shaw

Who ever heard of a non-violent revolution in the Middle East. Here we go again. Why don't we ( in this country) understand history. There will be no revolution in Iran unless there are weapons and support from the West unless the forces loyal to the Clerics lay down there arms, and that is NOT going to happen.....Non-violent change in IRAN is not going to replace the regime. When are we going to stop trying to impose our form of democracy on a nation that does NOT understand or appreciate what we are talking about.


Chris Matthews is a geeky northeast liberal who supports government control of everything it can gets its fascist mits on.

These kinds of idiots simply don't understand that people remain free from their own government only so long as the people can shoot back and the government knows they can and will.

Protesting in the streets peacefully, even when armed, is still peaceful, until the government thugs show up to beat or shoot them.


What's going on in Iran is EXACTLY the purpose of the second amendment. Apologists like Mathews don't understand things like that. The point of the right to bear arms is so that citizens can rise up against a government that has become tyranical. A government that fixes elections and arrests citizens seeking medical care for protesting fits that mold quite nicely.

And Rubio is right. You would see these thugs running around beating their own people if they might get hit by a citizen sniper. Gun are a check and balance against that kind of activity.


So Dennis, did you support the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground or Tim McViegh's various affiliates? The Panthers starting carrying guns to protect themselves from rampant police brutality. Do you support oppressed African Americans shooting back at cops? If the left, who are hit by riot troops every time they protest the war or bad international trade deals began packing and shooting back would you support them? Is that the point of the 2nd Amendment as well? Do you support everyone's right to shoot back when they fell justified over perceived oppression by government?


The difference here, “g”, is that ayatollahs in Iran oppress their own people and have done so for many years. Your comparison is out of place. Protesting trade deals has nothing to do with tyrannical theocracy rigging election results.

Why didn't the Bush vote protesters,arm themselves?

Perhaps Jeff and Rubio want the tea baggers to carry weapons during their protests!
I don't think Rubio is smart enough to figure out that if these protesters in Iran were armed they would die.
With all the extremist nut cases out there just waiting for an excuse to bring out the shootin' irons a comment like this was not thought out real well.
Is he suggesting that the extremists should take up arms against our current President? If he were just a little bit smarter he would know what sort of message that sent to many of those whack jobs.Most of us know its the non-educated gun crowd extremist he is trying to appeal to.Rubio is dangerous,not to mention an idiot.The more he talks,the more he sounds like one of the fringe media talking heads.

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