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Sheriff's official who moonlights drops campaign client

Danielle Will, who helped run Republican Al Lamberti's successful campaign for sheriff last year, was hired by Lamberti earlier this year as a $70,000 a year external affairs liasion -- despite the fact that budget cuts were looming.

Will kept her company, DPF Consulting, and agreed to work on David Maymon's campaign for state house in Broward.

But Maymon says that several weeks ago Will backed out.

"She said 'I have other commitments. I am too busy right now,''' Maymon said.

Will couldn't be reached for comment on her cell this morning. It's unclear if Will is keeping other political clients while she works for the sheriff who has vowed that he is not a politician. Maymon said he spotted Will at an event for state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff and state Sen. Jeff Atwater.


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Non Politico

Great work Amy Sherman (sic)! You just won't stop with the Sherrlff, will you? I'm an NPA and love the integrity that he is showing. His staff should have the ability to work on other projects or go to events off the clock. Are you under the watch of The Herald 24/7? Why are the members of the BSO?


How does one 'vow' not to be what one is?

Amy should pick her verbs better.
'Claim' would have been much better than 'vow' here.

But she's the professional writer? Not!

Will"s the Smart one

Danielle is a great and smart woman! Especially if she had the sense to spot a loser when she saw one. Maymon has no chance anyway. Heard Maymon now has another Republican attorney on his Team who is part of the BREC. What they need is fresh blood and fresh ideas!

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