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Tweaking the CV on McCollum v. Sink

Conventional wisdom has it that Republican Bill McCollum -- he of the Clinton impeachment trial and other conservative causes -- will be hardpressed to garner support from Democrats, while Democrat Alex Sink -- she of the buttoned-down banking industry and rural background -- will receive crossover backing from Republicans.

Today's Quinnipiac University poll suggests otherwise: McCollum was favored by 11 percent of the Democrats, while Sink was chosen by only 5 percent of the Republicans.

But McCollum is going to need more than an early poll to topple the CW, which is perhaps epitomized by Fort Lauderdale attorney Scott Rothstein, a mega Republican fundraiser who is parting ways with his party to support Sink.

"I like Bill. He just doesn't represent my politics. For me he's too far to the right,'' said Rothstein, who calls himself a "Charlie Crist Republican." He added: "I think Alex Sink will be very tough to beat."