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A Chinese drywall czar?

Bill Nelson is asking President Barack Obama to streamline federal assistance for consumers who are stuck with tainted drywall from China.

In a letter to Obama, Nelson writes that consumers need "White House mobilization and coordination of all federal resources that could help homeowners" and a "one-stop federal Drywall Assistance Center.”

He's also asking the Small Business Administration to find available financial assistance for homeowners and businesses who have tainted drywall and for Treasury and HUD to provide mortgage relief and other assistance for homeowners who may be facing foreclosure because they've been forced out of their homes by defective drywall and are paying for two residences.


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Nascar Dad

Good God.


Thank you Senator Nelson! We desperately need the help right now. I'm on the verge of losing the house because I had to move out for health reasons. Insurance and warranty have denied my claims and my publicly-traded builder, Standard Pacific, has done nothing for us! We need help before it completely ruins us.

Bill R.

A legal steering committee has been formed to handle discovery and future proceedings in Chinese drywall cases: http://www.newsinferno.com/archives/10144#more-10144

The Levensten Law Firm

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has received in excess of 600 reports from 21 states of problems from defective Chinese Drywall. If you or a loved one is a victim of Chinese Drywall, we can help you gain compensation for your damages. Please visit us on the web at www.mychinesedrywall.com, www.pharmainjurylawyer.com, or www.levenstenlawfirm.com. You may also feel free to call us at our toll free number 1-800-510.1325.

Bill R.

A homeowner suffering with Chinese drywall got through to The White House: http://www.newsinferno.com/archives/10276#more-10276

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