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Crist raises money at top lobbying firm

After taking care of state business in a 10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. phone calls with two staffers,  Gov. Charlie Crist is headed to a fundraiser today for his Senate campaign at BGR, which the Center for Responsive Politics ranks in the top ten of Washington lobbying firms.Download Crist Invite 07 20 09.

Crist hopes to succeed Sen. Mel Martinez, who is slated to attend the reception and offer his blessing.

Formerly called Barbour Griffith & Rogers, the historically Republican powerhouse rebranded itself as BGR after the 2006 election and has hired more Democrats. More on BGR is here.


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I guess being "too busy to worry about Sotomayor" means too busy traveling around the country campaigning and begging for money. Nevermind governing.


By the way you've written this feature, you're suggesting that Crist is going to the fundraiser immediately after his call ended at 10:45 AM. But the fundraising flyer says that the event is at 6:00 PM. More than just a little misleading on your part. If you can't just rip someone with the facts, then don't rip them.

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Nancy Pelosi thanks Charlie Crist
U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this morning sent out a gaggle of quotes from governors touting the economic stimulus package, which Republicans and others have begun to criticize as ineffective. Not Gov. Charlie Crist.

"I think it's pretty incredible that 26,000 teachers will continue to be able to work for Florida's children because of these additional moneys ... and that's really the point: this is to help people, to help our education system, to help people with health care needs, and it's the people's money so they deserve it," Crist is quoted as saying in the Pelosi news release. The quote came from this Times/Herald story.

Crist continues to defend taking the money but has said a second round is not necessary.

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